116/366 That Smile!



Dance like no one is watching you! 

113/366 Sunday

The weather was beautiful today.  My goal for this weekend was to stay at home and enjoy some quiet time with my girls.  We played in the back yard all day yesterday, but today Caroline begged to leave the house.  She insisted that where ever we went Lucy had to go too, so we took her on a little hike.  Lucy does great on our walks.  She pulls a little when we first get going, but once the initial excitement wears off she settles down is a good companion.  I don’t let her off the leash though.  I think I trust her, but not that much.  Caroline was a little mad that Lucy was allowed to jump in the stream and she wasn’t.  We had fun and walked for almost two hours.  This took place during our normal nap time, so it was early to bed for Caroline and Lucy tonight!


111/366 Friday Night Dinner

Friday night is Caroline’s choice for dinner.  She chose fruit.  Lots of fruit.  And cottage cheese.  I love spring because there is so much good fruit to pick from in the market.  Caroline was happy with her dinner (to which she later added a chicken hot dog and a strawberry yogurt.)  But she was not happy to have me take a picture of her tonight.  It’s been a long week.

110/366 Better and Better!

Grandma and Papa are finally home from their trip!   Caroline was so excited to see them.  They picked her up from school (straight from the airport, practically) and stayed long enough to see her swimming lesson.  Caroline has been talking about Grandma seeing her lesson so Grandma will know what she needs to practice.  She was really showing off her moves for them,  And as a reward for all her hard work, Maggie moved her from Level 4 to Level 5.  She got a ribbon and a certificate too! 


109/366 Sleepy


107/366 Neighborly


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